The Truth About Contraception

Corey, a medical doctor and his wife, Julie, are CEP presenters who have taken the HV charter and are currently among the first batch of 50-plus students of the Maryvale certificate course.

After much deliberation, the couple decided to try the Pill, but as Julie explains, what started out as a seemingly rational solution to the issue of family planning began to affect their relationship in subtle ways. “I was never quite at peace with it and there were times in the midst of our intimate moments together when I felt that Corey could not quite look me straight in the eye, perhaps because we were no longer truly in sync with each other. Our love relationship was affected in ways that I could not fully understand. Perhaps that is what Pope St John Paul meant when he said that ‘the body has a language’. Through my body, I make a total gift of myself to Corey in love. It is unconditional. But the use of contraceptives runs contrary to this. It was as if Corey accepted me but without my fertility and I felt that our love was being shortchanged.”

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